Thursday, March 13, 2003

In this article, Virginia Tech admissions officials describe the effect of the Board of Visitors' decision to adopt the legal advice of Attorney General Kilgore in eliminating race and gender as admissions criteria. Also following the Attorney General's lead, the Board eliminated protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation, as noted here and here. In addition, the Board also "approved a resolution banning any group or person determined to 'advocate or have participated in illegal acts of domestic violence and or terrorism' from meeting on campus or in buildings leased or owned by the university," according to this report. In addition, tuition will increase again, as reported here. Also, the Board outlawed smoking in campus dorms, as described here. Advocates of free speech, diversity, low tuition (and smoking?) will protest these decisions later today, according to this report. The membership of the Board of Visitors is listed here.

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