Saturday, June 28, 2003

The great escape on a little pink bike

CrimLaw has this post with a link to this article in the Daily Progress, which merits quoting at length:

"A cornered police fugitive tried to escape on a child’s pink bicycle he stole Wednesday from a yard in Charlottesville, authorities said.
'It was probably the smallest getaway vehicle I’ve seen in my 25 years,' said Lt. Gary Pleasants of the city police.
. . .

A few minutes later, the officer spotted the man in a yard on Park Lane West, off Jefferson Park Avenue.
Pleasants said the man snatched a tiny pink bike, mounted it and began pedaling.
With wheels only 8 inches in diameter, the bike didn’t make it far. The man went about 30 feet before police caught up with him.
'It was very comical looking,” the lieutenant said. 'Officer Mark Frazier, who could run faster than the bicycle could go, tackled him and knocked him off the bike.'
'I’ve seen some strange things,” he added, “but that was one of the better escape attempts I’ve seen.'"

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