Friday, July 04, 2003

Circuit Court Judge John Kilgore

The Kingsport Times-News has this report on the swearing-in of John Kilgore as the new judge for the 30th Judicial Circuit, which includes Lee, Scott, and Wise Counties in Virginia. Judge Kilgore, among other things, served as a law clerk for U.S. District Judge Glen Williams, who was unable to attend the event. Judge Birg Sergent explained the circumstances of Judge Williams' absence, and waved a bundle of papers, stating that he had in written form the text of the hour-long speech Judge Williams would have given had he been there.

In Senator Wampler's remarks yesterday, he noted that he missed the last swearing-in at the same courthouse, for J&DR District Court Judge James Mickey Shull, because of scheduling conflict, which led Judge Stump to interject from the bench, "We heard you were at the NASCAR race." Sen. Wampler replied, "A senator's duties are many."

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