Thursday, November 20, 2003

On the connection between Hokie football and the economic health of Southwest Virginia

It says here in the Cavalier Daily that "[f]or Virginians, the Hokies' presence in a viable football conference was said to be crucial to maintaining the economic health of Southwest Virginia." This may be the lamest article I've read in the CD since I was a student.

Unrelated to this, the Cavalier Daily itself has been in the news this week with plagiarism problems, as reported here (in the Virginia Tech paper), and here by the AP. This could be further evidence of the nefarious influence of the New York Times.

The NYT (registration required) also has some problems with Southwest Virginia. This Times story about old buildings says that one was found "in Mecklenburg County in southwest Virginia, about 150 miles from The Plains." (It's more like 200 miles from The Plains to Mecklenburg County, which is not in Southwest Virginia.)

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