Tuesday, August 24, 2004

More on Ralph Nader and the Virginia ballot

Hugh Lessig of the Daily Press has this article ("Nader wins round in Va. ballot fight," 8/24/04), which quotes the Virginia chairman for Nader as saying of AG Kilgore, "Jerry is man of integrity . . .and I don't think he made his decision based on political leanings."

In this article ("State board reverses ruling, allowing Nader on Va. ballot," 8/24/04) from the Norfolk paper, Jim Hopper from the AG's office describes the scene as the Nader petition was presented as chaotic: "the situation was confusing at best,” Hopper wrote.

In the article ("Advice on Nader state bid reversed," 8/24/04) in the Richmond paper, by Jeff Shapiro, a Democratic "spokeswoman" was quoted as saying: "I am not surprised that the attorney general has reversed himself, given the nationwide effort by Republicans to assist Ralph Nader's efforts to get on the ballot."

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