Sunday, September 25, 2005

On race unity days

Here I read this:

"It was in a small town in Appalachia, Jonesville in Lee County, Va., where I first saw such an event: people of different races and cultures coming together in an organized manner.

'We bring people together of diverse cultures and just fellowship together,'' I remember Jill Carson of Pennington Gap, Va., telling me that particular Sunday afternoon in 1999. 'We hold it every year in Jonesville, and we have approximately 400-500 people attend this.

'It's a day of fellowship ? we share stories, we share music, we share love, we share friendship and it's very successful. Every year, we do it on the second Sunday in June, and this is the seventh consecutive year that we've had it.'

They called it Race Unity Day in that small mountain town located about two hours northeast of Knoxville, and it was a way to improve race relations in the area."

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