Sunday, October 02, 2005

On that Ninth Circuit judicial misconduct opinion

References to this opinion from the Ninth Circuit have been booted about the law blogs, most particularly because of this quote from Judge Kozinski's dissent, which will live forever: "Throughout these lengthy proceedings, the judge has offered nothing at all to justify his actions - not a case, not a statute, not a bankruptcy treatise, not a law review article, not a student note, not even a blawg." (Emphasis added.)

I never heard much about the facts, however, until I read this creepy Beldar post. Read it, for the complainant's point of view. What the district court judge did in the case doesn't make any sense.

As an aside, Beldar does jump on the bandwagon having fun with the "blawg" reference, as he says: "oh, how I aspire to someday approach the credibility, or even the popularlity, of a bankruptcy treatise!" Apropos of this topic, beSpacific links here to this Findlaw article by John Dean, of all people, on the use of blogs for legal research.

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