Thursday, January 26, 2006

Doe No. 5

In Doe v. Chao, the Fourth Circuit explained in a footnote: "We will refer to the four previous opinions in this case sequentially as Doe I, Doe II, Doe III, and Doe IV, with Doe I as the initial district court opinion, Doe II as our first opinion, Doe III as the Supreme Court’s opinion, and Doe IV as the district court opinion currently under review."

Since I botched my efforts to explain Doe I, Doe II, and Doe III, I'll pass on Doe V, except to note once again that this is the case that Joe Wolfe and Terry Kilgore had that went up to the Supreme Court.

Also, Doe V was written by Judge Karen Williams (the district judge was Glen Williams) but there was a dissent by Judge Michael, who noted that the outcome of the majority's reasoning would probably get to the same place, but "outcome never trumps reasoning."

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