Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Appeals granted

In FREDERICK COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD v. JOHN HARRIS HANNAH, JR., A MINOR, ET AL. , the Virginia Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether the trial court erred in failure to apply the statutory cap on damages arising from a school bus accident.

In TIMOTHY MICHAEL PRICE v. COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, the issue is whether "[t]he Court of Appeals erred in affirming the trial judge's denial of the Defendant's motion for recusal from the case as he had been the Commonwealth's Attorney when the crime was committed and when the plea agreement was entered into between the Commonwealth and the defendant/appellant." (I don't know how this fits with the Court of Appeals' decision on a similar issue that came out today.)

In BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF FAIRFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA, ET AL. v. RICHARD M. ROBERTSON, the issues include the evils of piecemeal downzoning.

In THE RECTOR AND VISITORS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA v. TINA MARIE CARTER the issue is sovereign immunity as applied to an agency of the Commonwealth.

In ROBERT I. JONES, SR. v. COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, ET AL., the issues include whether and under what standard was plaintiff a "statutory employee" of the University of Virginia.

In NATIONWIDE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY v. RUTH PATTERSON WHITE the issue is whether the insurer can be made to paid twice the per person coverage limit for the injuries of one person.

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