Sunday, April 27, 2003

Richmond housing trespass case to be argued in U.S. Supreme Court this week

The Richmond paper has this report, the Washington Post has this report, and the always excellent SCOTUSblog has this report. Earlier, the Attorney General put out this press release on the case.

From the SCOTUSblog report, I see that Steven Benjamin from Richmond is arguing for Mr. Hicks. I had never heard of Steven Benjamin before just now, but looking him up I see that he has argued dozens of criminal cases, so I suspect he will do well, better even than my hero Joseph Klock in his famous part of the Bush v. Gore oral argument. I'm rooting for the Commonwealth in this case, though; it's tough enough to keep the bad guys away from public housing without accommodating their bogus "speech" rights that might flow from the state court holding.

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