Wednesday, May 14, 2003

ACC presidents vote for expansion

Here are a few interesting reports:

from the Morris News Service, which notes that "Hurricanes officials have said they won't move from the Big East without Syracuse and Boston College. Meanwhile, Virginia voted for expansion but requested Virginia Tech instead of Boston College." (Why pick on BC? Because of Coach O'Brien?)

from the South Florida Sentinel, which says that "a representative from Virginia offered an amendment replacing Syracuse with Virginia Tech." (Syracuse? I thought it was BC?)

from the Washington Post, which quotes one insider as saying "Virginia Tech is located in a good spot, but there are others that say they have no media market and can't bring anything to the table. . . Then there are others who look at them and say, 'They look more like us.' But nobody really knows what will happen until we get to the day."

from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which says that "Virginia just had to make the effort to support Virginia Tech in order to satisfy the politicians who had gotten involved"

from the Daily Press columnist David Tell, who says "Yes, I know formal invitations were not extended Tuesday and that Virginia prefers Virginia Tech to Syracuse. But that's cover-Virginia's-butt politics." (Syracuse again?)

from the AP on the West Virginia perspective, quoting Coach Rodriguez as saying that "I don't think anybody at our school thought this thing would materialize this quickly"

from the Charlotte Observer, where one source was quoted as "saying the disagreement over the ACC's 12th team - apparently down to Syracuse or Virginia Tech - wasn't serious enough to scuttle expansion."

a commentary from the Sporting News, which says "It was as if the Wake Forest athletic program stood on the ledge and everyone below screamed, "Jump!" And the Demon Deacons obeyed."

a commentary from the Orlando Sentinel, which says that "The University of Miami is on the verge of making one of the biggest football blunders in its history."

from ESPN's Ivan Maisel, who says "The ACC presidents couldn't decide between Boston College and Virginia Tech, which more than likely speaks to the politics of the Commonwealth of Virginia than it does the relative merits of the two schools." (BC again?)

from the Roanoke Times, which says the FSU president said "there are some things to work out, the alignment of the teams, whether Syracuse is in or Virginia Tech is in." (Syracuse?)

elsewhere in the Roanoke Times, it says "For Miami, the absence of Boston College would be a deal breaker." (BC?)

from a Pittsburgh columnist, who says "Pitt must begin doing what it has to do to become the 12th member of the Big Ten Conference."

from the Miami Herald, which says that "[t]here is some support, spearheaded by Virginia, to invite Virginia Tech instead of Syracuse."

from Shelby, NC, "You know it’s a momentous occasion when rivals Duke and North Carolina — the league’s most storied basketball powers — supposedly banded together to provide the main opposition to the vote results."

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