Friday, September 19, 2003

Televise oral argument in the California recall rehearing

Sometimes, somehow, C-SPAN gets permission to broadcast video of oral arguments before the en banc 9th Circuit, which is not the whole banc, but sort of like 40% of the banc. And, I think I remember seeing (or maybe reading) that they sit in three or four rows, sort of like a mini-bleacher section of judges (or the Hollywood Squares?), and not like the big semi-circle of judges in the 4th Circuit. And, Howard Bashman's various posts indicate that Judge Alex Kozinski is on the panel - and the handicappers are already counting the votes. Shoot, I'd watch that argument if it was on TV - even if I had to flip back and forth between it and Monday Night Football (as I did for the BCRA argument audio replay on a Monday night not long ago).

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