Sunday, October 12, 2003

More on the Commonwealth's Attorney race in Wise County

This article in the Bristol paper about the race for the position of Commonwealth's Attorney for Wise County raises the issue about why one of the candidates lost her job as an assistant Commonwealth's Attorney. Democrat Karen Bishop's old boss, Republican Joe Carico, says that she was fired after he found out she had filed motion to expunge the criminal record of drug dealer. Republican Chad Dotson has declared that he is the only candidate who has "never attempted to expunge the record of a convicted drug dealer."

In the article, Dotson also mentioned his daughter Reagan, whom I understand was named for Ronald Wilson Reagan, and not for King Lear's daughter - and thus I predict she won't have sisters named Cordelia and Goneril. (Anyhow, Shakespeare spelled it "Regan," and I have no doubt that young Reagan is of an entirely different character than the middle daughter of the play.)

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