Sunday, November 23, 2003

Who is the most powerful person in state government?

This article in the Virginian-Pilot says that the coming showdown between Governor Warner and Speaker Howell over funding Virginia government will determine who is "the most powerful person in state government."

This article in the Washington Post tries forecast what Governor Warner will propose on Monday morning - and notes that he "will not attempt the politically unpopular task of imposing the sales tax on services offered by lawyers, accountants, barbers or dry cleaners." More likely targets for new revenue include increased income taxes, increased cigarette taxes, increased sales tax, and increased corporate taxes.

This article on the budget in the Daily Press quotes Senator Wampler as saying that "we've already reduced spending by some $6 billion, so $1 billion on top of that really gets into the core services and affects the quality."
The Post article notes that "Democratic and Republican lawmakers, lobbyists and members of Warner's administration predict that the governor's proposals could precipitate an all-out war in the Republican-controlled General Assembly early next year" and that some Republicans "believe that standing against tax increases is the very essence of Virginia's Republican Party."

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