Monday, January 19, 2004

First anniversary of Southwest Virginia law blog

Incredibly, I started blogging a year ago today.

Belated thanks to those who have helped make SW Virginia law blog a fun thing for me to do, by noting my blog or adding me to their lists or citing my posts or responding to my e-mails: Howard Bashman, Denise Howell, Ernie Svenson, Tom Mighell, Jerry Lawson, David Giacalone, Ken Lammers, Tim Sandefur, Ben Domenech keeping watch on Virginia politics, Bill Hobbs (likewise in Tennessee), members of the vast conspiracy of federal law clerks - "Feddie" (no longer anonymous) and the Curmudgeonly Clerk, Brian Peterson in West Virginia, Marcia Oddi in Indiana, Matt Conigliaro in Florida, and municipal telecom guru Al Bonnyman, among others. The best part of blogging is stealing from their minds.

Many of these are the usual suspects, the same people to whom everyone else says thanks, which means only that their good deeds and examples deserve more credit, and not that I am any less grateful to be among the beneficiaries.

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