Saturday, March 06, 2004

More on the military lawyer recruiters and Professor Chemerinsky

I just read the amicus brief for the military law students at UCLA, William & Mary, and other law schools, filed in the constitutional challenge to the Solomon Amendment brought by some law professors in New Jersey, and I noticed that one of the plaintiffs is Professor Chemerinsky, whom I understand to be leaving the law school at the University of Southern California to join the faculty at Duke. IsThatLegal has this post about the lack of "ideological diversity" at Duke.

At one of the seminars I've attended on section 1983 litigation, Professor Chemerinsky was one of the speakers and he told a joke about a spelling contest between Bill Clinton, Clarence Thomas, and Dan Quayle. A court reporter in Bristol liked the joke so much she asked me to retell it every time I saw from about 1996 until she died last year.

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