Monday, March 22, 2004

Think if he had gone to Harvard or Yale or Virginia Tech

One small question I had about this post on James Madison was whether the author was suggesting that part of the greatness of Madison was the result of the fact that he went to college at Princeton rather than the College of William & Mary.

Speaking of William & Mary, I got an e-mail last week that says there will be a reception for William & Mary law school alumni at Abingdon on April 30, with the law school dean in attendance and also Judge Glen Conrad from Roanoke. I am suspecting that this e-mail is part of some sort of a hoax, and making inquiries about it, particularly since I learned today that the lawyer down the hall did not get one. I also suspect that instead of the rented hall, the collected law school alumni would be adequately served by a good-sized table at Shoney's, as we are so few in this area.

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