Saturday, May 22, 2004

The kind of story that makes Roy Jessee laugh out loud

This morning, I'm watching the Golf Channel. I see what appears to be a worthwhile swing tip, grab the putter that lives up here, take a few swings, and suddenly smash the ceiling light fixture directly over me, causing glass to land first on my head and then all over the room.

Was there a failure to warn, do not try this at home in a room with a low-flying light fixture? Who is liable? How can I get service on the Golf Channel? Aw, heck, I love the Golf Channel. This week is the Colonial, which means it is Ben Hogan week, and at this very minute the GC gang is interviewing the author of Afternoons with Mr. Hogan, which I just read a few weeks ago.

As for the goofiness, the first story of this kind known to Roy Jessee is of the time he watched me trying to parallel park in front of Bill Bradshaw's office in Big Stone Gap.

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