Sunday, May 02, 2004

More on the making of the tax vote

This article ("Behind-scenes wrangling led to tax bill passage," 5/2/04) from the Roanoke paper suggests that the principal contribution of Governor Warner to the big vote on taxes was keeping his own party members in line, no small task I'm sure.

The Roanoke paper also offers this primer ("Tax legislation in a nutshell," 5/2/04) on the substance of the tax vote.

The Washington Post has this article ("Transportation Projects Move to Va.'s Back Burner," 5/2/04) concluding that the tax vote left Virginia with no money for new road projects, plus this article ("N.Va. Counties Fear Expensive Effects of Car Tax Cap," 5/2/04) that says Northern Virginia counties are unhappy about the car tax reimbursement cap. The Lynchburg paper has this story ("Impact of car tax still unsure," 5/1/04) which says city officials there are not much happier.

Hugh Lessig has this piece ("Republicans under fire for pro-tax position," 5/2/04) in the Daily Press that says some Republicans will never forget who broke ranks against raising taxes this year. Also in the Daily Press, former Republican state party chairman Patrick McSweeney asks here ("Republicans: Can GOP get its act together?, 5/2/04) what happened in the General Assembly session that Republicans enabled the tax increases - suggesting that the House leadership should have championed massive spending cuts as the alternative to tax increases.

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