Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Baby-faced VMI cadet from Norelco ads killed in Iraq

The Richmond paper reports here ("Graduate of VMI killed in Iraq," 6/9/04) the following:

"The conflict in Iraq claimed the life of a Virginia Military Institute graduate known by family and friends for his determined spirit, energy and generosity.

Spc. Ryan Doltz, 26, of Mine Hill, N.J., died in Baghdad on Saturday when the vehicle in which he was riding hit an improvised explosive device. . . .

Doltz was VMI's "baby face" in a Norelco shaver advertising campaign that featured institute cadets.

In real life, he was zealous about the war and reconstruction effort in Iraq and eager to play a role."

The Roanoke paper also has this report ("3rd VMI graduate dies in Iraq War," 6/9/04) and the AP has this report.

From 1998, here is a Roanoke Times story about the commercial.

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