Friday, July 30, 2004

Proposed rule changes for e-filing of petitions for rehearing in Virginia state court appeals

Via VLW, the Virginia Supreme Court is now soliciting comments on proposed rule changes that would generally require that petitions for rehearing in appeals to the Virginia Supreme Court and the Virginia Court of Appeals would be filed electronically by e-mailing them to some address on or before 11:59 pm of the day they fall due.

The comment indicates that this is intended as something of a pilot program. I suppose they have singled out petitions for rehearing on the theory that those petitions are all worthless anyhow, so we can use them as guinea pigs without any real harm to anybody, sort of like lab experiments on earthworms. I wonder how many petitions for rehearing that would be affected by these rule changes are typically filed in a year. It says here that there were 421 "rehearings filed" in the Virginia Supreme Court in 2003.

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