Saturday, August 07, 2004

Clemson Coach Bowden on law school admissions

According to this article in a South Carolina, Clemson football coach Tommy Bowden is bummed that his son is going to law school at Regent:

Tommy Bowden’s son, Ryan, will graduate from Clemson today, although his dad was a bit miffed about his law school options. Ryan will attend Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va., after being turned down by South Carolina and Florida State.

“I just found out what winning does as far as ramifications for professional decisions,” Tommy Bowden said, laughing. “He applied at South Carolina, we beat South Carolina, got turned down. Applied to Florida State, beat Florida State, got turned down. I should have applied to Wake. They’ve got a great law school.”

Tommy said he wanted Ryan to attend South Carolina.

“He had a 3.35 (grade-point average) and good LSATs,” Tommy said. “It’s not like he would have embarrassed anybody.”

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