Thursday, August 19, 2004

Next time, throw him some pizza

The Roanoke paper reports here ("Ex-pizza deliverer serves up lawsuit over injuries by dog," 8/19/04) that a fellow from Roanoke has filed sued for $100,000 for personal injuries he sustained when he tried to deliver a pizza to a house in Salem.

The article notes: "The dog, Steve, has since been put to sleep after an unrelated incident. . . ." (There is no connection between this story and the previous post about a fictional Stephen King dog.)

This pizza suit reminds me of a gambit from the movie Songcatcher in which: "As Lily walks home at night through the woods, she hears the sounds of what she believes to be a panther (earlier described in the film) and then frantically runs through the woods, discarding some of her clothing (after remembering the instructions to do just that), all while a bit of suspenseful music plays." The idea was that if the panther was chasing you, he would stop at each article of clothing, while you kept running.

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