Sunday, September 19, 2004

Soldier from Grundy an inspirational figure

The Roanoke paper has this article ("'Heath is a lot like the town of Grundy itself: We don't quit'", 9/19/04) on a soldier from Grundy who lost both legs in Iraq.

It says in part:

"Less than one year after losing both legs in Iraq at age 24, [Heath] Calhoun has not only learned to walk and drive on prosthetic legs, but he's also snowboarded, waterskied and recently cycled more than 30 miles in a single day. Calhoun's amazing recovery has inspired the other amputees with whom he volunteers. And if the size of the crowd welcoming back their native son to Grundy on Saturday is any indication, he's become a source of pride to a community that has also faced devastating floods, fires, even a triple murder, and emerged determined to rebuild."

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