Thursday, October 14, 2004

The lawyer fever

Once in a rare while, there is the sensation right after a big trial, or arguing an appeal, or sometimes even just settling a case, after an extended and intense effort, when you just nail it and the outcome is fantastic, and your brain is still racing, and you're just plain high on being a lawyer, and you've got to share it with somebody.

A few times I've been the sharer, and a few times I've been the sharee, and when you get one of those calls from somebody you have to laugh at them and laugh with them and egg them on just a bit, and enjoy their moment and recollect a bit of what it's like from your own experience, and it's like nothing else.

The first time I had a bit of that sensation was in a case where the jury awarded each of our two clients roughly $750,000, which would have been tripled under Va. Code 18.2-500. ($750,000 x 2 clients x 3!) Alas, that became the one that got away on post-trial motions, but one of my partners still makes fun of my comments to him right after we left the courthouse.

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