Sunday, November 28, 2004

Boise, here we come

This post from an NC State sports blog heckles the University of Virginia's decision to decline an invitation to a bowl game scheduled during December exams. The writer asks:

"Shouldn’t schools who derive so much benefit from their affiliation with the Atlantic Coast Conference feel some level of obligation to inform the ACC (and their fans, their players, and their recruits), of decisions like these BEFORE the conference puts together its bowl agreements?"

The post concludes:

"After holding the entire conference hostage during expansion in 2003, the Cavs continue to exhibit a level of audacity and selfishness that only one other conference affiliate could dream about." (I'm not sure that I understand that latter reference.)

He's probably right, if it is true that Virginia is changing the rules at the last minute, the University deserves whatever it gets, which may be nothing more than a lump of coal (or Idaho snow) for Christmas.

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