Friday, November 19, 2004

More on the 225th anniversary of William & Mary Law

This press release includes the following account of Attorney General Kilgore's remarks on the occasion of the 225th anniversary party for the William & Mary law school, my alma mater:

"Attorney General Kilgore spoke on [a] much more personal level, being himself an alumnus of the William and Mary School of Law, class of 1986. He jokily mentioned the teaching vigor of, then Professor, Tim Sullivan at 8 in the morning in his contracts class. He also mentioned Dean Butler's property class. He continued in his joking manner and said, she taught the rule against perpetuities so well, that the first thing his twin brother did when elected to the Virginia legislature was to abolish it. Changing his tone to one of reverence, the Attorney General spoke of the great history of the law school, at one point calling it the alma mater of the nation."

The mention of Professor Butler causes me to recollect that she was the law school professor of whom I was the most afraid during the first semester. I think that the reason what that I learned somehow that she had been a math teacher. To this day, she figures prominently whenever I have the "Exam Dream," which generally ends with the happy realization that I have no more exams and that, in fact, calculus is not a subject on which examinations were generally given in law school.

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