Sunday, November 21, 2004

More on the horse race for AG in 2005

This column from the Charlottesville paper says that of the two Republican candidates for Attorney General in 2005, Del. Bob McDonnell is ahead in terms of number of politician endorsements over the other candidate, Steve Baril. As for lawyer endorsements, the Baril campaign recently posted this list of Richmond lawyers who are supporting him, which list includes most (but not quite all) of the few Richmond lawyers within my limited sphere of acquaintance.

I looked up these two campaigns on VPAP to see if I could figure out which candidate is preferred by Southwest Virginians, or even, Southwest Virginia lawyers. Right now, McDonnell has received $1,945 from Southwest Virginia out of roughly $802,000 total, while Baril has received $0 from Southwest Virginia (which evidently accoding to VPAP excludes New River Valley locales like Radford) out of roughly $785,000 total. These figures make me think that the two candidates have not yet paid much attention to Southwest Virginia, and vice versa (or, the data are wrong).

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