Thursday, December 30, 2004

More on ignorance, the Internet, and the election

Somebody at the Volokh Conspiracy in this post cites Mickey Kaus' take on the commentary from ABC News in August that it was "Kerry's election to lose," a conclusion which turns out to have been completely bogus.

Kaus concludes:

"How could brilliant genuine experts like Mark Halperin & Co. get it wrong? Because at some level they were conned by their peers and their Dem campaign sources (who were probably conning themselves) in a way I doubt they could be conned by Republican sources. ... And Halperin is known as a relatively non-partisan straight-shooter. What does this tell you about the rest of the press corps? ..."

I told Jim Elliott not long after Election Day, this campaign year is going to be the death of expertise, every stupid thing any of the pollsters and pundits said is going to live forever on the internet and henceforth when they opine, the 2004 election is going to be a black mark against every one of them.

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