Sunday, March 06, 2005

On the late, great Chuck Thompson

The AP has this report on the life and times of Baltimore sportscaster Chuck Thompson, who died on Sunday.

When I lived in Pennsylvania, when I lived in D.C., when I was hanging out at the in-laws in McLean, and more than a few summer nights driving through Virginia from anywhere to anywhere, I listened to and watched a lot of Orioles baseball over a period of about 20 years. I thought Chuck Thompson was delightful.

SI's Frank Deford once wrote: "I was lucky enough to grow up in Baltimore, where Chuck Thompson was for so long the Voice (not only of the Orioles, but also the Colts). To twist the dial when you were away from town -- say, at the beach, or coming back home from a trip -- and to hear Chuck's voice was enough to put you right there in Memorial Stadium. Once, parked with a girl in Maine, looking for some make-out music, I actually picked up Chuck, clear-channel WBAL, Baltimore to Maine, and was so excited that I actually forgot (well, at least for awhile) about making out."

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