Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Last night's Baril-McDonnell debate

This account in the Washington Post about last night's debate between the Republican candidates for attorney general makes it sound like the debate was very interesting.

I don't understand why Baril is muddying the waters by talking about his plan for transportation. He might have the greatest plan in the world, but it doesn't seem relevant to the office he is seeking, and wasting time on it detracts from his other qualifications from the job and makes it appear that he is rehearsing slogans for a gubernatorial campaign.

One good point Baril made was to call out McDonnell for the activities of the House Courts of Justice committee in dealing with judges up for reappointment during Del. McDonnell's watch. Some strange things have happened, the strangest being the matter of former Judge Askew from Newport News.

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