Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Anne's Whatzit and Sean Whozit

I listened a little bit ago to Sean Hannity run through a list of Supreme Court candidates, then he talked to Ann Compton, who confirmed that she heard (as reported here on the ABC site) that Judge Clement was out of the running.

Holy catbirds, the names of people and places and acts of Congress were really mangled - there was a clunker every five seconds, including Hannity's account of the decision in the case of "the Violence Against Womens Act." Womens? Also, the reference to "Judge Edith Hollow Jones."

Compton said that Judge Luttig was in court today in Washington, and that his wife and children were there, and his wife was all dressed up. That sounds interesting except for the part about it being in Washington, since the Fourth Circuit doesn't sit in Washington, but there was a panel hearing argument today in Richmond, which is what I suppose she meant.

The argument today in Richmond was the latest phase of the Jose Padilla case, who was shipped out of New York to Charleston for the good of the country, and so the Supreme Court ruled that he had to file for habeas relief in S.C., which he did, and got none, and so now he is trying his luck before the Fourth Circuit. It says here in the Washington Post that Judge Luttig was on the panel, along with Judge Michael and Judge Traxler.

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