Sunday, November 20, 2005

Virginia land use roundup

The Daily Progress opined here that an amendment to the federal constitution might be in order to limit the Supreme Court's ruling in Kelo.

Tenants in a downtown building in Norfolk protested the leanings of the federal government toward taking their building for the expansion of the federal courthouse, according to this report in the Norfolk paper.

The Richmond paper reported here and the Roanoke paper reported here that the Virginia Housing Commission has endorsed a proposed amendment to Virginia law to limit the authority of government to take private property for purposes of economic development purposes. The same Roanoke article and this article from the Richmond paper discuss the Claytor case, a long-running inverse condemnation claim against housing authority in Roanoke.

One of the Connection papers reported here that local officials told their General Assembly representatives that they do not want any change to Virginia's eminent domain laws, but also said they don't like what Verizon is doing to try to get around the municipal franchise laws.

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