Sunday, March 12, 2006

Law school liberals still in denial about FAIR case

In this NY Times article, one of the lawyers for FAIR was interviewed:

"E. Joshua Rosencranz, who represented the law schools in both courts, said the drubbing was a mystery.

'I've heard numerous hypotheses,' Mr. Rosencranz said. 'Of them, the only one that seems utterly implausible is that three dozen law schools, 900 law professors, the court of appeals, and a dozen top law firms are all inept at connecting the dots of Supreme Court precedents.'"

Utterly implausible?

I recollect that a group of Supreme Court writers and pundits assembled at William & Mary also voted 8-0 that the law professors would go down. That's not quite the same as a Supreme Court vote of 8-0, but it gave me some reason to think that the outcome was not in doubt.

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