Monday, June 12, 2006

On lawyers looking to get paid

I'm told that justice was done in last week's decision by the Virginia Supreme Court in the case of Randall A. Eads v. David Clark, Guardian of the Person and Estate of Roy Dallas Johnson, Incompetent, et al, on appeal from the Circuit Court of Russell County.

It could be true. The facts brought to mind the case from Bleak House, in which Dickens wrote:

"Equity sends questions to law, law sends questions back to equity; law finds it can't do this, equity finds it can't do that; neither can so much as say it can't do anything, without this solicitor instructing and this counsel appearing for A, and that solicitor instructing and that counsel appearing for B; and so on through the whole alphabet, like the history of the apple pie. And thus, through years and years, and lives and lives, everything goes on, constantly beginning over and over again, and nothing ever ends. And we can't get out of the suit on any terms, for we are made parties to it, and MUST BE parties to it, whether we like it or not."

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