Wednesday, August 30, 2006

First, Martinsville, then on to Westminster

As I am still reading the posts about last weekend, I see here that the Blue Dog named the segment on Net Neutrality as "best in show."

What few comments I received from him and others were all to the good. At the time, the main reaction I noticed from the audience was John Brownlee laughing.

While at the Blogs United event, I heard about Judge Urbanski's decision in the Martinsville Cable case, but didn't get around to reading it before yesterday. I'd say that the Virginia legislature should not wait for the upcoming federal law changes, whatever they may be, and insulate its citizens (or some of them) today from the perils of net discrimination, while allowing municipalities to make some money in the process, by amending the laws cited by Judge Urbanski so that localities (besides Bristol) can provide telephone, video, and cable television.

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