Thursday, October 05, 2006

A note from my dad

Dad wrote this of one of his long-time colleagues, whose name I saw in the obituaries today in the Bristol paper:

"Tom Fawley had a heart attack and passed away this morning in Lincoln, NM.
He and Betty had driven there in his restored '55 Chevy pickup. On their
way there, they had visited the original owner of the truck in Colorado and
had driven to the top of Pike's Peak. Tom had tracked down and visited the
original owner of the truck on a previous (plane) trip. Tom and Betty had
visited with Tony and Mae Brewer in Albuquerque Monday night. Mae said that
Tom was very happy and excited to tell about his trip thus far. (Tom was
considering making this trip when he retired ... in May, 2005.) The
things Tom wanted to do most on this trip were to visit the original owner
of the truck, to drive up Pike's Peak and to sleep where Billy The Kid
slept. He slept his last night where Billy The Kid slept at what is now a
Bed and Breakfast Inn in Lincoln, NM."

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