Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yoo v. Wu and Hass too

Professor Solum has posts here and here on the views regarding net neutrality of Christopher Yoo, Tim Wu, and Douglas Hass.

Every time I start to get lost in the weeds of the net neutrality debate, I read this again or this.

UPDATE: For some more comments questioning the need for net neutrality, which I have not read, see the links in the comment. (Yes, you can comment here on the SW Virginia law blog, if you look at the posts one at a time.)

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HOTI said...

You may find these recent articles on the net neutrality debate very interesting. As someone who works with the Hands Off the Internet coalition and opposes net neutrality regulations, I completely agree with these warnings.

The first is an editorial by Carnegie Mellon Prof. and “Godfather of the Internet” David Farber and Michael Katz, Chief Economist at the FCC during the Clinton Administration. Farber and Katz argue that net neutrality regulation aren't needed and would actually hurt the internet.

"Network neutrality is supposed to promote continuing Internet innovation by restricting the ability of network owners to give certain traffic priority based on the content or application being carried or on the sender's willingness to pay. The problem is that these restrictions would prohibit practices that could increase the value of the Internet for customers."

The second notes recent comments made by Robert Kahn, one of the founders of the internet.

"Kahn rejected the term 'Net Neutrality', calling it 'a slogan'. He cautioned against dogmatic views of network architecture, saying the need for experimentation at the edges shouldn't come at the expense of improvements elsewhere in the network."