Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday's stuff

Here the Roanoke paper writes about today's ruling by the Virginia Supreme Court in the Blacksburg sewer case. (The link will go bad soon, since it is "breaking" news, or was.)

The Hook has more on the case of the candidate in the parking lot, which the Virginia Supreme Court refused to take.

StyleWeekly reports that a Henrico County business man is going around exposing employers in the Richmond area who hire illegal aliens.

The AP reports here that the federal judge in West Virginia dismisses the civil rights action brought by A.T. Massey against the state court judge's court reporter, who allegedly botched the transcript in the case where A.T. Massey is appealing the $30 million-plus verdict in favor of Harman Mining to the West Virginia Supreme Court (and now with a transcript, the Court might soon decide whether to take the case).

On those famous U.Va. law Minors, the Virginia Law Weekly has this feature story on William Minor Lyle, the nephew of John Barbee Minor, both of whom lived in Pavilion X after the Law School was moved out.

This Power Line post suggests that Senator Webb and Senator Graham are blocking any new Fourth Circuit nominees. Actually, it links to a ConfirmThem post that says Webb won't cooperate with John Warner.

The Norfolk paper reports here, the Richmond paper reports here, and the Roanoke paper reports here, on persons seeking the endorsements of bar groups for the upcoming federal court vacancies in the E.D. Va.

The Culpeper paper reports here that the town of Culpeper keeps paying for the big case it settled before trial, including $20,000 in expert witness fees.

Posts here and here examine the Fourth Circuit's opinion in U.S. v. Dyess, in which the conviction was affirmed notwithstanding an romantic relationship between one of the witnesses and one of the cops. Bristol's own Judge Widener wrote the opinion, and he was joined by Judge Niemeyer, with Judge Gregory concurring in part and dissenting in part, solely on sentencing.

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