Thursday, March 08, 2007

On judgeships

I see that Senator Webb has written to the bar associations for input on the positions of Judge Widener and former Judge Luttig on the Fourth Circuit.

Also, I've heard more about how Del. Crockett-Stark would not go along with Senate Wampler's candidate for the 29th Circuit judgeship. I guess so long as she gets a say, and the only slice of the circuit that she represents is in Tazewell County, she will look to name Republican lawyers from Tazewell County as judges. I don't know who those are, other than Judge Hurley, and that fellow who ran for delegate against Bowling.

Any how, since the scheduled effective date for Judge Williams is December 31, 2007, that's too close to the next session of the General Assembly to allow the Governor to make an interim appointment.

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