Sunday, June 24, 2007

April speaks

Here at Hillbilly Savant April Cain wrestles with what to think about the proposed new coal-powered electricity generation plant in Wise County.

She concludes:

"But I'd also like to see the store fronts of Saint Paul bustling again. In my dreams I can walk along its main street on the sidewalk and look at all the pretty things that are in the windows, just like in my childhood. In these visions, its main business district will always have a Western Auto, a Norton Floral Shop, a Woolworth's and a Willis Department Store instead of empty storefronts. I wish someone could find a way to make this happen without also making a big ugly mess. In my dreams someone besides Big Power and Big Coal will come a courtin' the Perty Miss Southwest Virginia. But if no one else comes, perhaps a less than perfect marriage might be better than her continuing to be an economic spinster."

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Ken Lammers said...

Unfortunately, even if a large economic rebirth were to occur it wouldn't be as she pictures it. It's more likely that the downtowns will stay as they are and Wal*Mart plazas would pop up outside of each town in the county.