Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On James River graduation

Yesterday, I watched the nephew Andrew graduate with the 500+ members of the James River High School Class of 2007.

Governor Kaine was the main speaker. And, his remarks were very well done, he is an excellent speaker. He said the two things he remembered from his high school graduation in Kansas City were saying goodbye to his ex-girlfriend and watching one of the football guys hugging and carrying on with his parents. So, he said, if he could remember those two things after 35 years, he suggested the grads do likewise - clear the air with those you won't see again, and don't hold back on hugging your parents. He also said, be informed voters, not apathetic non-voters, noting that when Linwood Holton was elected in 1969, more than two-thirds of Virginia's registered voters participated, but when he was elected two years ago, the turnout was less than 50 percent. He said you need to vote because sometimes, every now and then, what elected officials do is important.

From last fall, here are the graduate and I.

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