Saturday, June 09, 2007

Why not bring Jenna to the office

This ABA article profiles Virginia lawyer Mary Commander in a discussion of the benefits of owning one's own office building for solo practitioners. The article says for one thing, when you own the building, you can bring your pet to work.

Well, part of the lore of our firm is that the rulebook used to provide no pets allowed, which I always thought was the funniest thing - not what I would guess a small office would have at the top of the priority list.

Jenna has been to the office, but only on weekends, and not long enough to decide the place was worth marking against the claims of other dogs. I've seen some Bichons in there, it could be a competition.

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Peter A. Stinson said...

Interesting. I heard recently an interview with the outgoing Head of School at the Williams School here in Norfolk; he's headed to New York City to serve as the Head at an independent day school there. Anyway, he evidently takes his dog, a golden retriever, to work at the Williams School. He will not be able to at his new place of employment because New York City has stricter health rules and doesn't allow dogs in schools, even private schools...