Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another one of those "litigation climate" reports likes Virginia for the defense

It says here:

"The liability climate in Virginia is conducive to growth and job creation. Virginia has the second lowest insurance loss ratios in the nation. The Commonwealth abolished joint liability and enacted reasonable limits on punitive damages among other reforms. The Virginia Supreme Court, which is elected by the General Assembly, has a rule-of-law majority. Since 1993, Virginia has elected attorneys general who were all active legal reform leaders, including the incumbent Attorney General Bob McDonnell. As a member of the House of Delegates, General McDonnell introduced several liability reform bills that were signed into law."


Anonymous said...

Virginia's Legislature is significantly controlled by the insurance and banking lobbies. This is primarily why we are still burdened with no "comparative neglince" rule. If the insurance companies can prove that the plaintiff is 1% contribulatory negligent,...NO RECOVERY. Great for the insurance companies' windfall profits. But how about the average Joe who gets clipped in an accident?
And, do these substantial savings get passed on to the consumer? NOT.

When are we going to get elected officials who are not owned by the insurance companies?

Steve said...

Well, being on the state line here in Bristol, I'm not sure that comparative negligence is usually or even often a better deal for consumers. There are some funky results over in Tennessee.