Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More good stuff

Via Professor Bainbridge, here is posed the question, which is better, UCLA or U.Va? I'm surprised that there could be a side-by-side without mentioning Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Ralph Sampson, or maybe there was, in the line that said number of national championships - U.Va. 15, UCLA 100.

Via Instapundit, the celebrity guest star this week at CrimProf Blog is Tennessee's own Penny White, formerly of the Tennessee Supreme Court. I went to a Tennessee Trial Lawyers meeting in Johnson City a couple of years back where she was one of the speakers and everyone there was on a first name basis with her except for me.

David Giacalone takes issue here with Scott Turow's condemnation (no pun intended) in the ABA Journal of hourly billing.

In the criminal case against former Senate candidate Mark Tate, both sides are trying to take evidence from the past or present lawyers for the other side. Tate wants to use testimony from the Commonwealth's attorney who started the case before recusing himself, and the replacement prosecutor wants to take evidence from Tate's lawyer, who was a donor to the Tate campaign, all according to this article in the Post. Usually, you don't get to cross-examine the other side's lawyer under oath.

the Fredericksburg paper reports that someone stole an ATM machine, with a stolen truck.

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