Friday, August 03, 2007

On abusive driver fees

"A 'dangerous' driver is a 'dangerous' driver, whether he or she is a life-long resident of Virginia or simply passing through on his or her way to another state or country. If they are driving in a manner defined as 'dangerous' under the statute, then the resources necessary to arrest and prosecute them are the same, or, if involved in an accident, the resources necessary to transport the injured, or repair the roads. Virginia does not limit the use of its roads or its rest stops to Virginia residents; they are for all to enjoy."

Hon. Archer Yeatts, III, Henrico County General District Court, in Com. v. Price.

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Jim Robb said...

Just a thought I had....

The issue seems to be that a fine imposed on virginia residents appears to be unconstitutional. This would seem that all citizens of America should be fined the same, regardless of residency. Would it not also follow that citizens face an uncontitutional situation when residents of one state receive benefits from the tax code while other citizens who are residents in other states receive no such benefit?
In simple terms, fines must be shared by all=constitutional - Tax benifits must be shared by all=constitional.
Specifically, if residents of a state like, say California, see a tax credit for renewable energy system purchases, should'nt residents of all other states receive the same credit option? Is that constitutional?