Thursday, August 30, 2007

On Judge Kelsey

The VLW Blog has some lists of names of potential nominees to replace Justice Lacy on the Virginia Supreme Court.

Judge D. Arthur Kelsey of the Virginia Court of Appeals is one of my favorites, because he has written so many interesting articles, such as these available online:

Virginia’s answer to Daubert’s question behind the question

Appellate Review and Stare Decisis

PROCEDURAL DEFAULTS IN VIRGINIA TRIAL COURTS: The Adversarial Model & The Imperative of Neutrality

Legal Focus/Civil Litigation: Law and Equity in Virginia

and gave this speech

Law & Politics: The Imperative of Judicial Self-Restraint

in addition to the many cases in which he has written an opinion or cast a vote (such as these)

and he gave up the big-dollar partnership to be a judge (or so I have concluded),

even though I've met him just once

and he has ruled against my position every time (OK, just the one time).

I once heard former Solicitor General Walter Dellinger on C-SPAN opine in connection with one of the recent U.S. Supreme Court nominations: "there's something to be said for hyper-qualified candidates," or words to that effect.

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