Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Interesting stuff

The New York Times has the photos of West Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justice Maynard, hanging out with Don Blankenship in Monte Carlo, while the appeal of the $50 million verdict in favor of Harman Mining and against Blankenship's company was unresolved. (For the record, when I was in Nice and Monaco in 2007, I didn't see any judges I knew there.)

The Norfolk paper reports here that just because Judge Payne of the E.D. Va. called former Virginia lawyer Thomas E. Smolka "an embarrassment to the legal profession," that was no reason to overturn his federal convictions, according to a recent Fourth Circuit opinion.

Here is the story of the guy who after his conviction was overturned, wrote a letter telling more about his wrongdoing to the Commonwealth's attorney in Prince William County, who used it on the re-trial to get him a death sentence.

This article from Inside HigherEd says the University of North Carolina paid $385,000 to settle the sexual harassment case against their famous women's soccer coach. The settlement included a letter of apology from the coach. The Fourth Circuit's en banc opinion in the case is here.

Here's a wacky article on the City of Charlottesville's opposition to the coal power plant being built in Wise County. It says - there is no good power, we want the cold and the dark. I understood the 2007 Virginia Energy Plan to say that even with massive and expensive conservation efforts, Virginia's energy consumption will continue to increase.

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