Thursday, January 10, 2008

Worth reading

Here is an interesting article on the oral argument before the Supreme Court in the medical malpractice cases involving the issue charitable immunity, quoting Steve Emmert among others who participated in the argument. The issue was described "as the most significant matter taken up by the court regarding medical malpractice since 1990, when the Virginia Supreme Court upheld the state's limit on malpractice awards."

The Daily Press reports here and here on the life and times of the late Judge Nelson Overton.

The Daily Press also reports here on candidates for the circuit court judgeship in Hampton.

This First Amendment website links to Chief Judge Jones' denial of summary judgment in the case of Cole v. Buchanan County School Board.

The Richmond paper has reports here and here on the litigation between the Richmond mayor and city council, as it heads in the direction of the Virginia Supreme Court.

Here is a report on a case related to a Board of Supervisors election in Nelson County, headed to the Virginia Supreme Court. The vote was 324-321, but the loser got a court order preventing the winner from taking office while the outcome is still in dispute.

From the Fourth Circuit, in DirecTV, Inc. v. Tolson, the Court in an opinion by Judge Shedd, joined by Judge Niemeyer and District Judge Brinkema, refused on comity grounds to take the Dormant Commerce Clause challenge brought by satellite TV broadcasters to North Carolina's taxation scheme for satellite and cable television. It was interesting to read the facts, as to how the law has changed in North Carolina, going away from local franchise taxation to a scheme whereby the state collects the tax and pays back to the localities. Something like that will happen in Virginia, one of these days.

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