Friday, March 14, 2008

Boo, hiss

The Virginia House of Delegates and the Senate of Virginia adjourned sine die last night without picking any more new judges for the year. Sine die means "without any future date being designated (as for resumption)." They might come back for a special session in April, or they might not.

That should be barred by the Constitution, the legislature should not be allowed to leave town until all the courts have the full complement of judges every year.

For the special session, the plan is that "no bill or joint resolution other than (i) those relating to transportation; (ii) joint resolutions affecting the rules of procedure or schedule of business of the General Assembly, either of its houses, or any of its committees; (iii) resolutions regarding the election of judges; (iv) commending and memorial joint resolutions; or (v) joint resolutions confirming appointments subject to the confirmation of the General Assembly shall be offered in either house."

People ask me what I hear about the judgeships in Southwest Virginia. The gossip I hear is that in the 29th, General District Court Judge Pat Johnson will be moved up to the Circuit Court if the legislature acts, but Juvenile District Judge Farmer might be reappointed by the circuit court judges for another year if the legislature doesn't act. Or, both.


Jerry Gray said...

Steve, I think Judge Farmers appointment runs out on March 31.

Do you believe the Circuit Judges have the authority to appoint Judge Farmer to an interim term of one year, given that the GA will reconvene on April 23?

Or are we in limbo?

Anonymous said...

If the GA acts:

1) Pat Johnson to Circuit
2) Greg Matney to District
3) Circuit Judges fill J&DR

If the GA does not act:

1) Pat Johnson to Circuit (via Gov.)
2) Circuit Judges pick the District and J&DR.